We offer the following services:

  • Strategic technology consulting (needs assessment, planning, customer-centered requirements gathering, budgeting, recruiting)
  • Communications consulting (email, social media, search engine marketing, guerrilla marketing, Twitter API development)
  • WordPress (site assessments, installation, performance optimization, development, search engine optimization, hosting, design, content development)
  • Yii Framework and PHP development
  • API development for Twitter, Mailgun and Google Maps & Places
  • Technology writing and content development

You can contact us via email or here on the web.


Michael Cann, CEO of Wine Country:

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Jeff on a consulting project with WineCountry Media. We hired Jeff to act as a technical advisor and a technical project manager.

Technical Skill Sets: Jeff has a strong technical competency across multiple areas. He was able to apply his technical skills to assist in evaluating the capabilities of several software platform alternatives and vendors and was instrumental in developing the decision making framework we used to select a platform.

UI-UX Design: Jeff was also very involved in the process of selecting a design agency to execute the branding and re-development project for our platform. Jeff brought a strong understanding of user-interface and user-experience design and development to our process and was a driving force in our decision making process.

Negotiation: Jeff independently negotiated and closed the acquisition of a specific asset for our company. His thoughtful approach and soft touch during the negotiations were the primary reasons the deal was closed quickly and at an advantageous value.

Teamwork: Jeff worked seamlessly with our team and with our vendors each project he was involved with. His positive attitude and approachable nature allowed him to be very easy to work with.

Jeff’s skill sets, deep operating experience and friendly and thoughtful personality were a perfect fit for our projects and our company. I cannot recommend Jeff high enough and hope to have the privilege of working with him again in the future.

Sarah Jenks, University of Washington Communications Student on the NewsCloud In:Site curriculum co-taught by Lookahead Founder Jeff Reifman:

In:site was one of the most successful classes I have taken at the University of Washington. It is well known that the best learning is done through experience, and this class was filled with experiential learning. As journalism is continuing to find a growing niche online and popularity with multimedia content, this course tapped into the changing face of media. It gave a journalism student insight to not only writing on a deadline, but formatting their stories using html, marketing them through twitter or facebook, and implementing mixed media components directly into the site. In this sense, it broke down the traditional roles in a newsroom, as copy editor, layout design, marketing, technical help, reporter and photojournalist and allowed the students to develop skill sets in all of these areas of knowledge. Understanding every angle of producing an online publication trained them as true entrepreneurial journalists.

I feel confident walking into my summer internship as an online reporter for a local paper, that I have gained all of the necessary skills to accurately report a story, have well produced multimedia content, and put it on the internet myself.